Answers to common questions about our Essex roofing services.

My roof has a leak, will the whole roof need replacing?

No, it may only need repairing but we will need to come and assess the problem you are having first, then we can let you know what will be the best solution for your leaking roof. Hopefully we can repair it quickly but if it does need replacing then we can let you know what would be the best type of roof to replace it with.

Can I fit a new roof myself?

Well, we could say yes but we wouldn’t recommend it. You will need the experience not to mention being qualified to fit a new roof. If you would like a professional job done and know that your roof has been fitted properly I would recommend you ask a company like Essex Roofers to carry out the work. With a team of roofers, the roof will be fitted a lot quicker. We are also insured to carry out the work where you may not be.

How long will it take for you to fit a new roof?

We cannot give you a definite time frame until we have come to see how big your roof is and what needs doing. We can come and give you a free no obligation quote at a time that is convenient to you and then let you know how long it will take.

If you are replacing only some of the roof, can you match it up with what we already have?

Yes, we will do our best to match the part we are replacing with the roof you already have. We have some of the best suppliers around so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get what you already have.

Is it better to replace our wooden fascias with new uPVC fascias?

Wooden fascias used to be very popular and traditional but can need a lot of maintenance due to the bad weather. They rot and warp after only a few years of being fitted. uPVC is definitely the better option and we will happily give you a quote to carry out this work for you.

Essex Roofing FAQ How much would a new roof cost?

This is a very common question. Your new roofing costs will depend on the size of your home or property and the type of materials used. With options like slating, tiling, single ply flat roofs and more each project is different. As a company, we would normally visit you and assess the property. We always provide a competitive quote and will beat any other quote by 10%.

Do I need to obtain planning permission?

If your roofing application uses similar materials and products that are already present on your property, then planning permission is unlikely to be necessary.

However, you will most likely need to pay a building regulation cost to your local enforcing authority. We will usually incorporate this cost into your quotation.

Will I need a party wall agreement at my semi detached home?

Usually, a friendly talk with your neighbour to inform them that you intend to work on your roof is all it takes. However, the law does state that you will need a party wall agreement for permission to carry out work. A party wall agreement can take up to 28 days if you need to obtain permission via the proper routes.

How do I choose which roofing company to use?

Easy, choose us. We are Essex based roofers with knowledge of the local areas, the housing and properties that are common in the area, and many years of experience in our field.

We would always recommend obtaining quotes from a few companies, but our guarantee to you is that we will beat any other quote by 10%.

Look out for a roofing company who is registered with a governing body, a member of a reputable roofing regulation association, and who follows strict building and health & safety policies. Also, a roofing company should be up to date with their public liability insurance, employee’s liability insurance, and an approved installer of the product or roofing material that will be used on your roof repair or new roof.

Which product or material do I need on my roof?

This will depend on whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof, and whether the roof is currently tiled, slated, sealed with bitumen, felt or single ply. By searching the internet, you can find out much more about the type of roof you need. However, our team welcome you to contact us to find out more about the types of roofing available.

Will you organise the roofing insulation while you work on my home or property?

The amount of insulation at your property is currently very important. You should have at least 300mm of insulation in your loft space. We will insulate your loft space when we fit your new roof if required, or you can hire an independent insulation company to do it for you.

If you do not have sufficient amounts of insulation, it is vital to have this fitted to meet with building regulations.

Can you work on my roof if it rains?

Unfortunately no. Showers make for unsafe surfaces and wet surfaces mean that we cannot commence work. As we cannot always predict the weather, this occasionally means that work may be brought forward, or sometimes delayed.

In the same respect, we are unable to work in extremely windy conditions about 30knots. This is due to insurance and risk. We will always carry out a risk assessment on the day we arrive to check the weather conditions, and that our team can work safely on your roof repair or new roof.

Do you offer insurance back guarantees for your roofing work?

We offer guarantees on all new work, and a written 20 year guarantee on certain products like our single ply flat roofing.

Any fascias, guttering, soffits, cladding, chimneys, roofs and more that our team work on will be accompanied with our guarantee.

Do you do domestic and commercial roofing?

Yes, we work on both large and small projects ranging from just £300 through to £1 million. We have many years of experience working in the Essex, London and surrounding counties with small domestic properties and larger industrial warehouses and buildings.