Single ply flat roofs require the best materials to ensure that they are guaranteed to last. At Essex Roofers, we use only the best quality materials that make sure your new flat roof is an investment and is value for money.

We work hard to make sure that your new flat roofing can take the elements. As a perfect solution, your porch, garage, dormer roof or new extension will benefit from the right solution.

In cold temperatures, ply flat roofs do not crack like felt roofs, and in hot weather, your roof will contract. This means that the roof is almost maintenance free for up to 50 years.

Long Lasting Roofing Materials

The materials used in single ply flat roofs is a membrane that has become a very modern way to add flat roofs that don’t crack, leak or suffer from hot and cold weather. We make use of uPVC single ply roofing that we guarantee will not split and with our 20 year written guarantee, you can be assured that your roof will be a longer lasting alternative to felt roofing which does split and crack over time.

The materials are strong so that the roof can be walked on and can take weight (dependant on the size of roof). We also ensure that our roofing materials are eco friendly, do not attract moss, and gives you the opportunity to have a roof that performs perfectly.

Suitable for new constructions, extensions and refurbishments, single ply technology offers you a way to give your building or property a new appearance and is a great way to give your building, home or commercial property kerb appeal.

Reinforced glass, fibre, or polyester membranes are thin and flexible. Depending on the personal application, we will design your roof accordingly and will ensure that our 20 year guarantee covers you for any maintenance required as your roof ages.

Contact us today for friendly advice. We will visit your property or home and provide you with a free, no obligation quote and will ensure that any other quotes you have will be beaten by 10%.

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