There is no doubt that flat roofs are highly durable and efficient structures. However, these surfaces will still require repairs from time to time. Due to bad weather conditions, old age or a combination of both, the fact of the matter is that knowing the warning signs in advance could save you a great deal of time and money. Let us take a quick look at some indications which could hint that repairs are needed.

Cracks in the Surface

Over time, many flat roofs will begin to show cracks in their surface, particularly around any joints or near the periphery. These cracks will allow in moisture and foreign materials, so they should be addressed immediately. If water is permitted to enter, further damage can occur. It is a good idea to speak with a specialist at Essex Roofers in order to quickly and effectively address these problems.

Pooling Water

A properly functioning flat roof will exhibit a slight angle which enables water to flow into run-off pipes and similar drainage systems. Unfortunately, such angled surfaces can become warped over time. This will result in water pooling around specific areas of the roof. Standing water can cause damages over time, so it is once again wise to contact a specialist.

Interior Mould or Moisture

You may find that mould is present in attics, lofts or immediately above the ceiling, particularly after a large storm. This might be a hint that there is a problem with your roofing. A qualified roof fitter will be able to accurately diagnose the problem.

These are a few important signs which could indicate that there is a problem with your roof. Should you suspect that an issue is present, please contact Essex Roofers at your earliest possible convenience.