Single Ply PVC Flat Roofing

It can be argued that the roof is the most important component of any structure, as it provides a direct barrier against the elements. Flat roofs have become increasingly popular choices for businesses and homeowners alike. In fact, you may be surprised at the number of benefits to be enjoyed. Let us examine a handful of key advantages in order to appreciate these truly innovative solutions.


One of the first metrics that any property owner will take into account is the cost to repair or replace a roof. As flat roofs have no need for bundles of shingles or decorative tiles, they are extremely economical choices to consider.


Due to their very nature, repairing flat roofs is much less complicated when compared to an angled structure. This will help to save a significant amount of time and in the majority of cases, problems can be detected quickly through the use of an expert.


Modern flat roofs are comprised of a substance known as PVC. This is a highly durable and weather-resistant material. It is much less susceptible to extreme temperatures, moisture and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It can be applied quickly and should a piece need to be replaced, the process is much less complicated when compared to matching existing shingles. Most flat roofs are equipped with a robust guarantee in regards to longevity and repairs.

So, it is clear to appreciate the benefits associated with flat roofs. Essex Roofers boasts over 15 years of experience within this exciting industry and we will be more than happy to offer sound advice when it is needed the most. Please contact us to learn more about our roofing services.